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Addressing API Security Vulnerabilities in 2022 with ReactFirst & Neo4j


WATCH REPLAY | Thursday, February 17 2022 | 2pm

API-Driven organizations choose to leverage the power of Advanced Graph Analytics to support their efforts around API Security, API Management, and API Strategy. While these mature organizations may already deploy a multitude of API-related platforms and tools, Advanced Graph Analytics helps to support these systems and their users even further, acting as the glue to bring the relevant people, processes, and technologies together.

Join the webinar to learn how the combination of
Neo4j and ReactFirst by Process Tempo can help organizations reduce the risk associated with API security vulnerabilities by leveraging graph analytics.

Understand how to deploy a command and control capability that combines graph analytics, workflow, and process improvement to provide transparency and insight into identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in APIs. The discussion will cover areas such as 
program design, data architecture, advanced analytics, graph analytics, and the need to field the right balance of skills and responsibilities. Software engineers, product management, cybersecurity professionals, and executive stakeholders will want to attend.

Discussion Topics

  • Evolving your API Security and Management teams and approaches to face new and existing challenges in 2022

  • Choosing technologies that will position the enterprise for a secure future

  • Understanding critical requirements across people and processes to help maximize efficiency and effectiveness

  • Defining and refining responsibilities to maintain focus on the core mission


Hosted by


Phil Meredith


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Dan McGary



Daria Chadwick

Director of Marketing

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Laura McGarigle

Program Manager

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Return to this web page to access slide decks, videos, and other helpful content during and after the webinar. Questions? Contact us at

Webinar Slides
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ReactFirst Ultimate Guide

Neo4j Bloom Visual Guide

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