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The API Security Remediation Program from ReactFirst

Skip the trial and error. Leverage our predefined framework to get your API Security program up and running, fast. 

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A command-and-control structure for all API-related policies and procedures


Provide stakeholders with a complete picture of the current state of vulnerabilities


Allocate and prioritize resources so that critical vulnerabilities are addressed first


Track progress against quality, risk, and remediation goals


Generate insight into specific API vulnerabilities, how they're being addressed, and by whom


Apply change management techniques to support the constant shift of employees and departments

What is an API Security Remediation Program (ASRP)?

The API Security Remediation Program is a command and control framework that unifies multiple disciplines and stakeholders, helps to define API strategy and policy, and organizes resources around resolving API vulnerabilties. It also lays the foundation for establishing frameworks and guidelines for future APIs. 


When a problem or vulnerability is identified, the ASRP is engaged and the issue is tracked until it is resolved. The scope of the ASRP can include (or partner with) existing cybersecurity efforts in order to provide true end-to-end support.


ReactFirst API Security Remediation Program

In order to deliver on API Remediation, organizations and individual teams require an elevated level of transparency, structure, and control. By focusing on these key themes, we implement a crawl, walk, run approach that helps deliver each of these key capabilities, fast.



  • Project planning

  • RACI definition

  • Environment setup

  • Data modeling & blending

  • Prototyping

  • Process design

  • Assessments & surveys

  • Metrics & score definitions

  • API Catalog (SOR)

  • Attestation

  • Development backlog



  • Integration & automation

  • Executive scorecards

  • Operations dashboards

  • Administration dashboards

  • API Report cards

  • Communications

  • Workflow and alerting

  • Portal / Web Content

  • Office Hours / Support desk



  • Advanced analytics

  • Version control

  • Training & Documentation

  • Program handoff

Obtaining support for your API Security efforts is a natural next step as the API landscape grows in size and complexity

Many API Security vendors have emerged in recent years as demand grows for support around API Security. But security is an ongoing process that is not just about defending against attacks, but also strengthening weak points. This means fixing APIs post-deployment and establishing protective measures.

That's where our proven packaged framework can help. We know exactly how to combine your team's skills, resources, and capabilities, and how to blend them together with your policies and strategy to reduce friction and maximize results.

Setting up a critical framework without the required context, direction, and support creates problems in an already problem-riddled area, including back-tracking, course corrections, wasted time and resources, and slow to no measurable success toward reducing vulnerabilities.

See if the ReactFirst Program is right for you

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